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Topical Collection in Molecules on NP vs ND

Special issue of open-access journal “Molecules” upgraded to Topical Collection – further submissions wanted! [April 2014]

Due to the large number of excellent contributions already submitted to the open-access journal “Molecules” special issue “Natural Products as Leads or Drugs against Neglected Tropical Diseases” guest-edited by Thomas J. Schmidt, this collection of publications has now been upgraded by the publisher MDPI to a “Topical Collection” which will continue to accept submissions for a longer period. This collection will be open at least until the end of 2014 and might then be extended, depending on the number of published articles. Open-access publishing in high-quality peer reviewed journals such as “Molecules” offers the benefit of maximal distribution of scientific results in the research community, which is not only important with respect to citations but, especially in the field of neglected diseases, will also be beneficial regarding our joint aims and goals!
Further high-quality manuscripts, especially from members of ResNet NPND are therefore highly welcome!

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